An exhibition celebrating the hidden architecture of Birmingham, UK.

Hidden Spaces.

Launched in 2013 by Associated Architects and the Birmingham Post, Hidden Spaces is an on-going project that continuously unveils the architectural heritage and sometimes forgotten spaces of Birmingham.

As part of the BCU/BSoA initiative Co.LAB, we were given the opportunity to design the first Hidden Spaces Exhibition. The exhibiton, held in the Grade I listed Curzon Street Station, features a 'maze-like' experience. Initially, the concept revolved around the idea of using soft lighting fixed beneath selected panels to influence navigation and subconsciously control movement. The lighting would also act as a way to highlight the exhibited works. As the design developed, the concept progressed onto using a composition of solid and slatted panels, the former serving as a display whilst the latter allows for viewers to catch 'glimpses' as one walks through the exhibition. After a successful viewing at the Curzon Street Station, the exhibition was subsequently featured for a month at the Library of Birmingham.

This exhibition was completed as part of a collaboration between Associated Architects, the Birmingham Post, RIBA and the Birmingham School of Architecture initiative Co.LAB.

Team Members: Emraan Mayow, Samantha Evans, Haider Ali, Stanley Fu and Jack Berrett.

View photos from the exhibition here or on the Hidden Spaces website.