A design scheme for living and working.

The Weaver.

The living and working project investigates a system where one lives at the place of their workplace, in this scenario, the occupation focuses on a person that specialises in weaving. The set task involved creating a space that allowed the weaver to work and live simultaneously.

Weave – Form (fabric or a fabric item) by interlacing long threads passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them” or “Make (a complex story or pattern) from a number of interconnected elements.

The proposed buildings would be situated in the Jewellery Quarter and in close proximity to the center of Birmingham, UK. It features a building designated solely for the process of weaving and another intended for the purpose of living. Its design is an abstracted expression of the art of weaving, heavily influenced by the interlacing and connectivity of threads during the process of weaving. The shell of the building is generated by a series of modules, then developed and refined to express the concept.